Using Services (IAAS, SAAS, PAAS) to Increase Organizational Capability and Reduce Cost

One of the challenges we now face is how best to understand the ‘ x as a service’ marketplace, the key concepts and economic benefits where services can increase organizational capability and save money. Current advances in ‘x as a service’ capabilities provide organizations with the ability to look at addressing and solving their traditional challenges in new ways. Some of the best examples include the following: 

Improving IT Asset Management and Streamlined Operations

Delivery of Infrastructure as a Service can increase resource utilization and reduce overhead. For example, infrastructure is often isolated or silo’ed based on a “line of business” model. New cloud capabilities move the “isolated” infrastructures into a global cloud, and they now function as if they are in one integrated data center. The logic that was used to build the current independent model is no longer relevant or cost effective. The advantage is that you can quickly ramp up infrastructure capability and start a new venture with limited lead time and fewer constraints. The service provider delivers this as a service, allowing you to focus on the requirements. A key question to ask the service provider is their ability to deliver the financial accounting, charge back and metering model you require to make chargeback information visible to your business customer. 

Software Development and Testing

One of the constant challenges faced by projects is the ability of IT to meet the demands for new environments. IT is often challenged with budget constraints, long lead times to provision environments and often conflicts with multiple other competing environments.  All of this leads to project slippage, delaying delivery and a lot of frustration. One of the key benefits with the ‘’x as a service provider’ is that the provider can provide the development teams with the ability to provision their own environment reducing time and the overall IT workload.  In the end, this means faster turnaround and ultimately shortens delivery time for the business. 

IT is often challenged to provide solutions that accurately react to the highs and lows of demand, spikes in traffic and consistent performance, at the time when it is critically needed. The quick solution often deployed includes increasing investments in infrastructure and resources, without a guarantee that the investment will deliver results. With Cloud, organizations can increase capability and save money using the ‘x as a service’ approach that automates requests for new computing and storage, and adjusts for seasonal variability. Expansion can be immediate, leveraging the public cloud for extra capacity. The associated reduction in capital expenditures and infrastructure can be realized almost immediately.   

These are just a few of the examples of the use of IT services to increase organizational capability and save money. Our experience is that the marketplace is delivering a wide range of solutions and capabilities, with new and more innovative solutions to address the traditional challenges outlined above.  

Embrace the changes in ’x as service’ solutions and seek ways to solve your current issues!