Mid-size Companies –Today’s IT Challenges

Despite their unique challenges, mid-size companies have many of the same IT priorities as their much larger counterparts. The IT challenges mid-size organizations face today are complex. A recent McKinsey poll of senior IT executives identified the following key IT challenges: 

Source:  2013 McKinsey poll of senior IT executives 

Source:  2013 McKinsey poll of senior IT executives 

In order to successfully address these challenges, the mid-size organization often needs to quickly understand their unique set of internal IT challenges, those areas within their current business model can “get in the way” or prevent successful execution of their business model.

The mid-size business model characteristics we often see that curtail successful IT delivery include the following:

  • Inability to justify large investments in IT systems or infrastructure;
  • Limited payback or ROI from IT investments, due to insufficient scale;
  • Difficult to attract needed IT talent, with resulting lack of expertise;
  • Revenue does not necessarily equate to complexity ... small companies can have very complex IT needs;
  • Tendency for informality in IT support;
  • Few physical locations but a dispersed workforce;
  • Constant evolution of the business model to remain competitive; and
  • Growing imperative for security and disaster recovery (e.g.; Target breach and Hurricane Sandy impacts).

An inability or failure to address these challenges manifests itself in two major areas for mid-sized companies: primarily disappointing or failed IT projects and a reluctance or hesitance to take advantage of new IT models and trends.

Our experience however, is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Recognizing these challenges is the tough part. Working with our clients, we address each item with a specific action plan and realistic approach to deliver capability that meets expectations. In most cases, the small to mid-size organization can face its IT challenges, and move forward with some specific help to “punch above their weight.”